HELLCAT's - Recovery - Flasher 1.50

HELLCAT's - Recovery - Flasher 1.50

Mirror rflash150.rar

RFlasher 1.60 (LATEST)

* recover semi-bricks * up-/downgrade your CFW *
* flash *ANY* CFW directely to almost any other *
* backup/restore firmware flash (not NAND dump) *
* make and restore NAND dumps *
>> all without Pandora << ===================================================== >>> DOWNLOAD <<<

What is this? And why?

Short version:
  • Flashes a fresh M33 CFW (everyone from 3.71 up) for recovering semi-bricks or to up-/downgrade CFW
  • does not use Pandora, runns from the recovery menu or the XMB
  • does not use (as in launch) the original Sony Updater (only extracts all required files from the original .PBP)
  • runns fine on CFWs lower than 3.52-M33-3 - handy for upgrading older FWs w/o the "need to go 3.52, then 3.52-3, then higher" odyssey :-)
  • runns fine from TimeMachine (3.40-OE on Fat and 3.60-M33 on Slim)
  • can backup the FW flash and restore selected parts (XMB theme, settings, PSN activation, complete firmware)
  • can make and restore full NAND dumps
Long version:
Can be found the the README! Smiley


Painless and easy:
Copy the RECOVERY folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/ on your
memstick, so that you get a /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/ folder containing the
apps EBOOT on your stick.
Now copy the official Sony 3.71, 4.01 and/or 5.00 Update EBOOT, renamed
as 371.PBP (401.PBP, 500.PBP), into the RECOVERY folder as well, or into the
memsticks root folder.

The Recovery Flasher will first look for the updater .PBPs in it's
own folder, if it doesn't find them there, it'll look at the
memsticks root folder and use the files from there if they exist.
That eay you can use already existing .PBPs you have (for DDC or
whatever) for the Recovery Flasher as well.

*** NOTE ***
The Recovery Flasher MUST be installed in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY!
Do not rename it's folder or it will fail loading!
If you have other apps you like to use from the recovery menu, you
can do so with Recovery Flasher's option "Launch another app" (see

Done :-)

Latest Update:
  • Updated 5.00-M33 installation to revision 4
  • Introduced "Advanced Mode" of operations - potentially dangerous functions (some of the new ones might be) are usually completely hidden and are only available when "Advanced Mode" is triggered. Those functions are meant for the more experienced users that know what they are doing quite well....
  • Added support for installing 3.80-M33 and 3.90-M33
  • Added support for installing a fresh 1.50 OFW on classic PSPs (a.k.a. Fat PSP) without having made a backup of a running 1.50 first. (Actually it first creates a new "backup" set containing a fresh 1.50 OFW that you can then use to install/restore it to your PSP)
  • Changed the menu a bit. Due to the ammount of FW versions now supported there's no longer one item for each FW but one menu option for selecting the desired version and one to engage the installation.
  • Added: Creation of NAND-Dump (fully compatible to DDC dumps)
  • Added: [Advamced Mode] Writing back of NAND images. Complete dump, IPL only or LFlash only
  • Added: [Advanced Mode] Installing selected firmware version as ORIGINAL firmware
  • Added: ressurection.prx replacement - with that you can run Recovery Flasher directly instead of of the original DDC menu when booting up a DDC magic stick. WORKS ONLY FOR DDCv7!!!
  • When running either as DDC main menu replacement (ressurection.prx) OR launched from a DDC booted FW (from memstick) you have the option to either boot up / exit to the XMB or to jump into the original DDC menu. So when using the ressurection.prx replacement you are still able to use the DDC features.
  • Fixed: App-Launcher display mess up when more additional apps/games were available than fitted on screen

Brick = When the PSP won't turn on
Semi Brick = When PSP will enter recovery mode but won't turn on
Full Brick = When PSP won't access recovery mode or turn on