[English Patch]Gundam Vs. Gundam Next Plus Released!!

Instruction to manually apply the patch

(OPTIONAL) For LBA protection if so,cause some people cant make it work..
Just go to UMDGEN,Open Iso, go to FILE>FileList and select export(save as .txt) after you edit the iso..go again to FILE>FileList and select Import(the one that you save as .txt)


1. (Extract the GVG_plus_patcher.rar that you downloaded anywhere in your desktop)

2. (Open your GVG+.iso using UMDGEN,here you can see two panels left and right,just leave it that way.)

3. (Go to where you extracted the downloaded file. Drag and Drop the PSP_GAME folder to UMDGEN (right panel),
choose "yes to all" instead of "yes" because it will overwrite only the folder not the content.)

4. Notice that the IMAGE size will decrease to 1GB+,because i remove the 500+MB dummy file and repalce it with a 1KB file)

5. Repack your ISO save it as Uncompressed *.iso file or .cso file
6. Play the Game and leave some comments x)

*Its not patch for 5.00 m33, sorry for that..
*Not 100% Translated
* Translate and patch:
decrpyt eboot.bin
Some Movies and Endings
Menu's description
Some Name of MS in NEXT PLUS Mode
Some skills in Next Plus Mode
Saving messages
Some Mission name's
Thanks to:
Goldwin_den (main language translator)
wafull (thanks dude)
peter999 (for some suggestions)
and all members of GVG thread ;D of pinoypsp


Credits to kenma9123

Download Patcher V2: http://65e6b949.seriousfiles.com
Mirror1: http://946e5d07.seriousfiles.com
Mirror2: http://23f27191.seriousfiles.com

Use V1 if theirs a problem in V2
Download Patcher V1: http://ab9dcbcc.seriousfiles.com
Mirror1: http://b4459a59.seriousfiles.com
Mirror2: http://bbff2051.seriousfiles.com